After hearing some of the tales of amazing shopping trips aided by the use of some winetag coucpons, I have gone on the hound for some. My efforts have been amply rewarded (just like my thighs will be....).
My first "score" were 6 $2 off cheese purchase. Then came 1 winetag for $3 rebate for chicken or seafood. Now, $10 off any party platter purchase.....and I found 3 of them! I have already cashed in one of them, but that's okay, I'm going to wait til the end of the week (they expire on the last day of the month) and scarf up some goodies!
I'll be checking each and every store I go into, the less shopped, the better and see how many more I can get my hands on. Nothing beats this kind of shopping. It's like finding a great Catalina coupon....without spending anything first.
Now, if I could just get my hands on the motherload of them.......
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