I bet each one of us conjures a different image when we read the word cheap. What does this mean to me? I’ll feature some highlights from last week:

My family & I utilized 2 FREE Redbox Movie Rental Codes: Savings over going to the movie theater = $45.00 – ate some free popcorn at home, too!

Lunch out at Subway ($12.05) vs. Applebees (25.00, minimum) Savings = $12.95

Mom’s Birthday party total cost to feed 10 people $13.94 vs. restaurant (I can’t even imagine). I love those freebies from Target (like 5 lbs. of FREE beef stew meat!)

Tank of gas – $12.33 (used fuel rewards from Jewel) vs. nearest gas station $19.45. Savings = $7.12

Birthday gift for Mom (pearl and goldstone necklace with handcrafted copper spacers) $3.05 because I made it myself. Savings…..I can’t even imagine buying something like that in the stores, the sticker shock would kill me!

All these little things we do to save a buck (or 2, hahaha) really add up. Whether you make your own greeting cards, say no to takeout just once, use a fistful of coupons, or find a cheaper means of entertainment – all these little things we do really add up. So my challenge for the month of April, keep a running tally of how I save, from gifts to entertaining, from clothing to groceries. I want to see how my little sacrifices add up! Anyone up for a challenge?
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  1. Sure. Today I ate my lunch from home instead of buying from the pizza man that comes around. My bowl of soup probably cost less than 50 cents. Pizza? $5

  2. Wow - you have a pizza man that comes around? That's some wicked temptation! I'm lucky I don't know where too many fast foods joints are by my work. Unfortunately, I know exactly where the Taco Bell is. The up side? I'm too lazy to drive there.

  3. Amanda Says:

    Keeping a running tally of how much I spend/save has been a goal of mine for a while. That's awesome that you are doing it. Are you going to post your totals each month?

  4. Oh hey! I'm so glad you found me - I am going to post a link to your blog from mine! I'm glad to have another Chicago friend on here!

  5. Amanda - I'll post my totals May 1st for the month of April. Since July of last year, I've been tracking my grocery savings and spending - and I can't wait to post my March totals - they're my best to-date!
    Fantabulous - I'm so glad to find another pal here in the Windy City area!

  6. Chicago, The pizza man comes around every Tuesday. I used to get the pizzas, but now I would rather spend my pennies elsewhere and so I am able to resist. Plus it does not help my weight loss goal as I sit here and eat pizza all afternoon. Even if it is a smaller pizza, that is way too many calories to consume in one afternoon. I also have two chinese rest., one sub rest, a grocery store with the most awesome deli that even has hot meals, and two coffee shop style rest. That is what I can think of off the top of my head, and I know there are some that I am missing, I just can't remember what type of food they are.

  7. Precious Says:

    Great challenge! I hope you don't mind. I have linked your blog on mine! I enjoy reading yours.

  8. Tracey C. Says:

    OOOH! I love frugal friends and their blogs and yours is fun! I get alot of satisfaction from a really CHEAP dinner at home! Perdue chicken nuggets, normally $4.39 EACH package (and they are NOT big), b1g1f, used some coupon overage from cat food..used $1/1 coupons too and paid less than $1.40 for BOTH packages! Dinner that night, nuggets, free veggies from another deal, free milk from a gift card at CVS...that is a $.70 dinner for me and my 3 girls! I LOVE it!

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