A huge, huge thank you to my friend, Amanda, over at The Martha Initiative, for the amazing deal I pulled off at Target yesterday! I had been redeeming only one of each coupon per transaction - until Amanda told me that it was one coupon stack per transaction, not one like Target coupon per transaction. This will save me sooo much time and energy, which is a complete godsend!

I walked out of that store with:
8 cans cream of mushroom soup: $.52 each - (4) $.50/2 Q's
2 bags Green Giant potatoes (5 lb.) $1.49 - (2) $1 Q's
3 pkgs. beef stew meat - $1.99 lb. (3) $2 Q's
2 bags (4 oz.) Cheetos $1.29 - $1 Q's

Savings: $19.87
OOP: $4.09 (that includes tax)

After seeing how cheap the Market Pantry soups are ($.52) here, I will go back today for another dozen. I use this stuff like it's going out of style!
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  1. Amanda Says:

    I'm so glad it worked for you! And thanks for the shout-out! :)

  2. Thanks again for the great advice, it saved me tons of time!

  3. I wish we had target! lol our wal-mart no longer accepts IP coupons! but you did GREAT! same with me I use cream of mushroom soup like water lol I wonder if we could find a recipe to make it homemade thats cheaper?? do you ever use ?

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