For all the times I've gotten popcorn, it's never tasted as sweet as this. Jewel regularily sells Act II popcorn (3 count box) for $3.25. Yes, it's robbery, I know. I think the fools that pay that are laughable, but hey - it takes several of them to "pay" for one of me.

Jewel, however, has been gracious enough to put them on sale for me. $1.25 a box, to be honest - it's still not a great price.

Though, thanks to our friends at ConAgra (the company that owns the brand Act II), there's a deal where "Buy $25 in Con Agra products, receive $10 coupon OYNO." And when you ring up 8 boxes of popcorn, regular price would have you at $26. Scan your preferred shoppers card, you are down to $10.XX. The register gives you the $10 OYNO coupon. All you actually spend is tax. Which here can range....

So, I've bought 64 boxes of popcorn. Yes, my sisters family as well as my own will go through all that popcorn, as well as using some to donate to the local food pantry.

Total OOP: $1.34
Savings: $208.00
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  1. Amanda Says:

    What an awesome deal! Now I'm craving popcorn. :)

  2. I've gone popcorn crazy with this deal. Now, if only the stores had ordered enough to satisfy the couponers out there trying to do this deal...

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