After DaMama's birthday party, I was too pooped to do my typical batch cooking, so our meals will be on the lighter side this week. I have plenty of bread, mushrooms, and cheese to work with, so those will be my building blocks for the week.

Monday - Hickory Chicken and Ham Panini's with Havarti, dill spears, baked chips, and tomato soup
Tuesday - Hamburger Helper, corn, and roasted red tomato filone bread.
Wednesday - Swiss & Mushroom Omelets, bacon, toast, green grapes, strawberry smoothies
Thursday - Onion Brats, loaded baked potatoes, side salad, cream corn
Friday - Triple Cheese Pizza, stuffed mushrooms (minus the turkey bacon)
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  1. Amanda Says:

    You're having Brinner on Wednesday! I am so jealous--DH just won't get on board with my brinner plans. Enjoy!

  2. I love breakfast food, but during the week I'm usually in too big of a hurry, so every once in a while, DH has to humor me and have brinner. He's a good sport, unless I do this every week. Then, he'll offer to take care of dinner!

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