For the month of March, I've been doing some super serious hounding - and it shows. I'm currently stocked up beyond belief on cheese, popcorn, crackers, Cheetos, canned soup, and beef stew meat....but, I'm still looking for the next big FREE!

The good news - I've finished up all the shopping needed for our family's Easter baskets (my sister's family, too!).

Total Retail Value: $2,127.51
OOP = $264.89
Savings = $1,862.62
Coupon Savings: $823.87
Quantity of Items: 712
Number of FREEs: 272
Savings Percentage: 88%
(I'm new to calculating percentage saved totals, so if I didn't calculate it right, please let me know.)
4 Responses
  1. Amanda Says:

    That is amazing! I am crowning you Queen Frugal. You should scrapbook the receipts--I know Martha would. ;)

  2. Precious Says:

    You calculated it perfectly! Congrats on such a great percentage of savings!

  3. Thanks! I was so amazed at the savings, I guess I made that cat (from the Conagra & Kraft deals) roll til it was dizzy!

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