I guess that's the best name for it: Hound Fever. I think this is what the dictionary definition would look like:

hound fever - n. the general malaise felt by hounds/couponers alike when there are few good deals being offered in the stores. Please do not confuse this with hounding fever (n. - when you cannot stop shopping the great deals).
I have combed through all the ads and have found little to get excited about, since most stores don't have the greatest deals leading up to a major holiday. Once I've spent my cats, I'll try to kick back, take it easy, and just enjoy the bounty that has been provided (at very little cost to me)! Now, if I could just convince myself that it's okay to take a break from shopping, I would truly be surprised.

Maybe the deals will be looking better tomorrow, but for today, it's time to unwind.
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  1. I love your definitions!

  2. Thanks, centralillinoisian!

  3. coupongeek Says:

    Hi Annie!

    I nominated you for an award here:

    If you don't do these, don't worry. I just wanted to pass along to everyone what a great site you have and to check it out.


  4. Lisa B. Says:

    Love the definitions! :) I did go to Target and with my superbowl pepsi coupons got some free pepsi.

  5. I love your definations. I have not found much to get excited about either.

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