There haven't been a huge amount of deals lately, so this challenge has been simple to ease into, I'm just hoping I can stick with it once the deals get going again!

Without further ado, here are some of the things I’ve done to keep from spending actual money:

1. Turned off the heat – thankfully it’s a warmer spell right now, but every dime really counts.

2. Spent some time getting reacquainted with what’s in the freezer, so I know what to rotate first. Chicken is on the menu next week! Lots and lots of chicken...

3. Yesterday, I spent nothing. I typically eat lunch from home, so yesterday, I took some leftover alfredo sauce, leftover baked chicken and tossed them over some leftover spaghetti. A zero OOP lunch that would’ve cost me more than $12 at a restaurant, and that made it taste even better.

4. For lunch today, I brought in a bag of salad mix and the remaining leftover spaghetti noodles. I threw together a pasta sauce using some fresh mushrooms, red bell pepper, some canned tomatoes, the last remnant of Alfredo sauce, and tons of spices. My OOP = 0!

5. Tomorrow’s dinner uses the leftover sauce from today, to make some tasty homemade pizza. I’ve got some chicken left and some black olives for one, and I’ll thaw some sausage for the other pizza. If we want mushrooms, this time it’ll have to be canned!

6. DH grabbed at movie last night using a FREE Redbox code – Yes Man – I like it!

7. Any errands for the next 2 weeks must be done in/around my regular driving route.

8. This weekend, I’ve got some Kohl’s cash to spend, so that will equate to free shopping for me. New pillows, here I come!

9. If the weather permits, DH & I will go on a picnic for our “date night” and read books while nibbling on whatever assortment of cheese and crackers and cold cuts I can come up with – without spending anything. I need to chill some bottle water tonight for the picnic - let's hope I remember.

10. Cleaned out our library (yes, I have a mini-library), selected 50+ books to donate/sell, so we don’t have to move them. Will continue packing and organizing this weekend. If we sell the books, the $$ will go into our vacation fund. I want to go to Austin, TX (I hear the food is good) in October.
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  1. I wish I could turn off my heat. It gets way to cold in my house. I can go a really long time in the summer heat though before I ever need anything more than a fan. Have fun at Kohl's!

  2. Thanks! In the summer, we have the A/C on almost constantly. I'm trying to squeeze a few more drops of $$ out of my budget, any way I can.

  3. Tiffany Says:

    Once the weather gets hot that's what I'm fearing as well. It sounds like you are doing great at your challenge.

  4. Precious Says:

    Great job on everything. Your date night sounds like fun! I am glad to hear it is warming up way up there in the Land of Lincoln.

  5. Amanda Says:

    Austin is so much fun! What a great vacation destination.

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