Monday - Grilled Caribbean Jerk Pork Chops, garlic bread, corn, salad
Tuesday - Mushroom and cheese omelets, hashbrowns, raisin toast, apples
Wednesday - Mini-date (that means I'm not cooking)
Thursday - Pizza night - DH's night to cook
Friday - Grilled chicken teriyaki sammies topped with pineapple, salad, hashbrowns
Saturday - Mesquite chicken stirfry with peppers and mushrooms over fried rice
Sunday - Ground turkey & refried bean tacos, with all the fixin's with Spanish rice
Dessert of the week: BananaNut Bread (this one also doubles as a breakfast, too!)
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  1. Precious Says:

    Yum! I especially like the chciken teriyaki sammies. Thansk for recipe. We will be grilling out a lot.

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