Common Cents: FrugalMakesCents Challenge: Update1
Last night, DH & I went to T.G.I.Fridays for dinner, used the BOGO Entree for $1 Q, used a gift card we still had, and got $10 off our order (in lieu of a $10 giftcard) for being a member of their Stripes program (loyalty based card). Not only did we get double Stripes (good towards free appetizers), but we spent.....nothing. The gift card covered the meal, tax, and tip.

Then we popped over to the SuperTarget and relieved them of 2 Dry Idea deoderants - on sale for $2, then used $2 printable Q's. We also grabbed 3 Market Pantry fruit snacks near the register for $.89 -$1 ST printable Q's = FREE. We paid $.13 tax and walked happily out the door. While I'm not a huge fan of fruit snacks, I will either donate them, or collect a bag of them for DH's grandma or for my sister - either one is fine.

We also looked for the Hershey's Bliss which would have been either FREE or a MM (moneymaker) of $.36 after Q's, but they were picked clean! Darn - I wanted some more free/cheap candy for the office. I keep a small bowl of candies/chocolates on my desk, and I like an affordable way to keep it filled. Last month, Fannie May put some chocolates on sale for $1 for an 8 oz. bag, and that helped keep the bowl full for a few weeks, but this month - the pickin's are slimmer than I've ever seen.

My goal tonight is to bake some muffins for Friday's breakfast. I've got half a dozen boxes of muffin mix and I'm really craving a good muffin. It's a simple, healthy, affordable breakfast - and one that can easily be grabbed on the go. What do I have to buy to make them? Nothing!
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  1. coupongeek Says:

    This challenge sounds like fun! I do have a huge stockpile. I've been debating living off of it for awhile and just getting the little freebies/cheapies. I might have to just join you guys. :)

    BTW, I love your stockpile list on the side. Does anyone ever tell you if they see those things on a good deal somewhere? I've always wanted to do an "I'm looking for" list on my site.


  2. Jaycie, That is a good idea keeping a list and all of us keeping an eye out for deals to pass along. If I see anything Chicago, I will let you know, although all your stores are different from mine I will keep my peepers open! Did you happed to see the miracle whip recipe on Living Easy? I think she put one on there anyway.

    Teriffic start on the challenge!

  3. Precious Says:

    TGI Friday's dinner Free is right up my alley. Great job using the coupon, giftcard, loyalty money and getting points! That is a quadruple play! WOW!

    I wish we had a Target closer to me. I love the fruit snacks.

    Isn't it great when you have all the ingredients to make something? I am really enjoying this challenge.

  4. Jaycie - I'm going to start asking for suggestions on my "Wanted List". It's a great idea for those of us that spot a deal to pass it on - I'd love to be able to help someone find something they need on the cheap!
    Central - I am going over there rightn ow to check that out!
    Precious - Thanks for the encouragement. I don't like fruit snacks in general (unless it's an actual piece of fruit), but I'm sure I can find a good home for them somewhere!
    This challenge really has me excited, I love the idea of being able to save and look forward to hearing all the great ideas everyoen comes up with.

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