A friend of mine and I were talking this weekend about what we pay for things. When she shook her head, and laughed and said, “They expect me to pay for cheese?” As if that was the most ridiculous thing in the world. Well, for us – it is. Maybe I’m overstating how easy couponing can be, but my friend was absolutely right.

As we wandered the grocery store, I noticed many items that the store expects people to pay for, and believe me – from the crowds in there, people were paying (and paying and paying), for things we’ve learned how to get for free. With my last $10 cat in hand, I searched for a few items to spend it on – and it was hard. The popcorn that’s on sale this week, I got free last month and ditto for the cheese – now why would I go and spend money on stuff like that? I’ve got oodles of free/cheap crackers, a freezer full of meat, loads of cereal, I honestly don’t pay for much anymore. There are few things I’d splurge on, but……..

I love good bread. Not basic sandwich bread, but savory Sourdough, buttery buns, fresh French bread, or even costly ciabatta rolls. With all that free cheese, I sometimes splurge on a nice loaf of bread. Sometimes (imagining I only have to feed one person), I wish I could just buy a nice loaf of bread, make a great salad (now, that’s another story) and slice some cheese. Voila, a simple, healthy, rustic meal that I would whole-heartedly enjoy. Not sure my family would see it that way, though.

Last weekend, I grabbed a loaf of French bread, paired it with some extra sharp cheddar cheese, oven roasted deli sliced turkey ($1.98 lb.) and some Black Forest ham (another little splurge at $3.98 lb.) added in some juicy, sweet, green grapes and it was a delicious, flavorful lunch for 3 for less than $10. Less expensive than Subway (though they are a weakness of mine), more flavor, and best yet – enough meat and cheese left for a dozen sandwiches. Guess you know what’s for lunch at my house this week!
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  1. Amanda Says:

    LOL! Should I out myself as your shopping partner? Thanks so much for a fun day out!

    ***Note to Annie's readers: what she doesn't mention is that she is not only a savvy shopper, but a very kind woman who shared the last of her $10 cats with her 'friend.' What a gal! ***

    ***Note to Annie: I thought of the best field trip for us--Kroger! The nearest one is in Ottawa (40+ miles away). We can gab on the way there, get tons of stuff for super cheap, and laugh all the way home! Bwahahahahaha!

  2. I love it! I've never been to a Kroger's - I didn't even know Ottawa had one. It's been ages since I've been up there! It was sooo much fun shopping with you, I had a great time!

  3. Bread. You said bread and then I started melting in my seat.

    Great bread is hard to find, and I could eat the ENTIRE LOAF, plain :)

    Adding you to my reader! :D

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