At our house, we have an unconventional kind of Easter. I’ve dyed Easter eggs every single year that I can remember – and I’m 31 years old. I can’t stand chocolate bunnies or peeps, and I prefer a “healthier” Easter basket. Yes, I still receive an Easter basket. Even though I should have long ago outgrown the love of receiving - as well as giving an Easter basket, for me that is just not the case. But, as I’ve grown up, so has my Easter basket. Skip the chocolate bunny, give me a big can of V-8 juice instead. Nope, I’m not kidding!

Each year, I ask my sister if I can help with the Easter baskets for her family, and each year I’m thrilled when she says yes. Last year, I had the idea for a trail-mix basket – giving her family (2 adults and 2 boys) all the yummy stuff it takes to make a great snack of trail mix. We had dried fruits of every denomination from mandarin oranges to golden plump raisins to dried pineapple to strawberry yogurt covered raisins to white chocolate dipped cashews to crunchy mini graham crackers and even some pretzels sticks, too. Needless to say, it was a hit!

By very popular demand, that basket has been requested again. I got oodles of FREE trail mix in more than 12 different varieties from the Kraft cat deal – and I grabbed 24 bags! I also loaded up on crackers, Cheetos, dried fruit, and had some Planters nuts left from the last great sale of them.

Only this year, the baskets will cost me a fraction of what they did last year. Easter baskets for 7 people will cost me only $48 – and that includes everything –except the basket. Instead of a basket, my mother is designing reusable bags (we’re going green this year) for everyone. Much stronger than the ones sold in stores (I’ve ripped through 2 already of the store bought variety), and in a dazzling array of colors, it’s a great way to herald in spring and to remind kids and adults of upcoming Earth Day. I love, love, LOVE a practical basket.

I’m doing an Easter basket for each person, so that will be seven in all. I don’t believe in lumping the married people together, partly because I’m now one of them, but because the selfish kid in me resents sharing my Easter goodies with anyone. I guess love can take you only so far, but it can’t take you into my Easter basket.
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  1. Amanda Says:

    The Easter baskets sound wonderful! What a great idea! I know everyone will love receiving them. Have fun putting them together!

  2. Thanks! I'll try to remember taking pictures of them while we put them together. I love Easter baskets!!

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