Coca-Cola has a catalina promotion running at Jewel, purchase 6 - 2Liters of Coca-Cola products in one transaction, receive a $4 cat OYNO. Next to the 2 Liters were tear pads for $3 off Keebler, Kellogg, Sunshine multipacks, or Gripz snacks when you buy any 2 Coca-Cola 2 Liters. The Keebler cookies were on sale, too! Here's how it broke down:
6 2Liters - assorted Coke products @ $1 (regularly $1.95) each = $6
3 boxes Keebler cookies @ $1.97 (regularly $4.85) = $5.91
Minus 3 - $3 off Keebler, Kellogg, etc.= -$9
OOP = $3.17
Savings = $23.08

And, I still have more than 20 coupons left!!!
The only problem - the cats didn't print, so I'll call the Catalina Marketing number and get them sent out to me. This deal is pretty good even without the cats! And just in time for grilling season.
For more info, read the about the deal here.
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  1. Amanda Says:

    What a great deal! How long is the promotion running?

  2. I've added a link at the bottom that has the particulars of the deal, but the 10/$10 on the Coke products is a weekly deal, while the catalina promotion runs through 5/10.

  3. Precious Says:

    That is one heck of a promotion! I would be doing this over and over again!

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