There's nothing a girl needs more than some Bliss, Hersheys Bliss, that is. And at Target, here's how to get it cheap:
Hersey's Bliss is on sale $2.99 -$1 Manufacturer coupon and $1- Target Q - check the Easter section to get the best deal, some places are reporting that ALL Easter chocolates are on sale at Target from $1.99 to $2.33. Get in and get some cheap chocolates!! Bliss for less than $.99 is a great deal, though I'm hoping for $.33, or better yet, free.....

***I haven't reached the print limit and I've printed 6 coupons from Hershey's website!***

If anyone reaches a print limit, please let me know what it is!!
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  1. Precious Says:

    Oh Lordy! Just what I need around here- More chocolate!

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