For this past weekend, instead of going out to eat for date night, DH offered to grill. So, we had free Johnsonville cheddar brats and we pulled some pork chops out of the freezer, marinated it liberally with Caribbean Jerk marinade (another freebie from last summer) and French bread (free after taking Jewel survey), sautéed cremini mushrooms, baked potatoes, corn (from my sisters garden) and salad. Delish! OOP = 0! And there is enough meat leftover to fill in for lunches during the week or for one more dinner for my family!

We’ve kept the heat turned off, this week our temperature low will be in the 40’s and our high should reach 80 by the end of the week! Over here, we can have 3 seasons in one week, sometimes even in one day. I may have to turn on the heat tomorrow (snow is predicted, no joke!), but we’re going to wait and see just how cold it gets first.

Saturday, I went shopping for some new spring clothes (got to refresh my T-shirt supply!) using Kohl’s cash. What did I snag: 1 can opener (a gift), a sweater for my sister (another gift), 2 BIG pillows, a jar candle, a pair of pants, 2 sweaters, 2 dressy shirts, and 7 T-shirts. OOP: $27.89 for 17 items!

Also had to cover Caputo’s (local grocery chain) for some good produce. I grabbed 3 apples, 1 lb. white button mushrooms, 8 oz. sliced cremini mushrooms, 1 bunch of bananas, 1 gallon of milk, 3 dozen tortillas, 3 – 29 oz. cans crushed tomatoes, 8 bell peppers, and a pound of deli sliced mesquite chicken breast, sliced ultra thin. All of this, only $12.16 OOP. Also, Caputo’s leaves the good boxes (banana boxes, liquor boxes) out front for customer to take – with a move coming – boy, did we load up! And the best part – they were free!

Sunday, I went shopping with a friend, a couponing/hounding friend – which made it all the better. We scoured SuperTarget, and came back with a load of goodies, including a free reusable bag! I grabbed: 6 boxes Market pantry fruits snacks ($.44/each), 4 bags Nabisco snacks ($.52 each), 3 Crystal Light To Go (B2G1FREE), 1 bag Dole Salad mix ($.69), 4 Archer Farms yogurts ($.47 each! – I love their Honey Almond flavor), 2 cans Pringles (.71 each), 1 bag Hershey’s Bliss ($1.49), 2 boxes Wheat Thins ($1.04 a box –yes, this one was a little high, but it is the favorite flavor in my family). I did go a little overboard, but the total spent was definitely do-able. OOP = $15.64 (that includes tax).

Sunday dinner – DH had a giftcard for Papa John’s – so 2 medium pizzas = $0! Plus, one less gift card to try not to lose! The best bonus, an extra night off of cooking!

Total spent this weekend = $55.69
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  1. Amanda Says:

    You got some great deals. Kohls sounds especially wonderful--I haven't been there in ages, and I sure do miss it!

    And you are absolutely right about the 3 seasons in one week. True Chicago weather. Blech!

  2. Thanks, Amanda. I love Kohl's, but only go when I have $$ or (even better) their $$ to shop with. It's hard to come out empty handed!

  3. Lindsay Says:

    I went to Target and got a reusable tote too! At Old Navy as well! :)

    Caribbean Jerk marinade - sounds delish!

    Great date night!

  4. Thanks, Lindsay - I am addicted to resuable bags - I try never to leawve home with one (or 4...)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    "Over here, we can have 3 seasons in one week, sometimes even in one day."
    I hear ya! I'm in Antioch IL. It supposed to snow and then possibly hit 80 on Friday. No wonder we are always sick.
    Very impressive meal OOP=0!
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Hey, central - how was your trip back?

  7. Precious Says:

    What a fabulous date night meal! I was salivating reading about it. You are doing so well with the money saving challenge. I am always amazed when I see so many of you young people being careful with your money! YOU ALL GET IT! You will all be financially free to do what you want someday! That is what saving money is all about: the freedom to do what you want when you want!

  8. Thanks, Precious. I'm trying to add some variety to our date nights, but noticed most restaurants offer deals during the week - so instead of going out on the weekends - during the week, we squeeze in a minidate and make a nicer meal at home on the weekend - when we have more time to prepare it. This week's mini-date is $5 burritos at a Mexican restaurant we keep meaning to try. Regular price is $10 a plate! Yikes!
    I can understand going into debt for an education, medical necessity, or a home, but I'm a staunch believer in no consumer debt. If I can't afford it, I live without it. It hasn't killed me yet, so it must be working. LOL!

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