A few weeks back, I received not one but two different sets of coupons in the mail from SuperTarget. The coupons are pretty good, but what further surprised me was getting an flyer this past week detailing the items on sale for Easter - and they match up to almost all the coupons sent! And the icing on the cake? A $5/$50 grocery purchase coupon!! So, this week - it's time to set up the deal, I'm taking my sister out hounding with me, so I want to have everything already factored in.

HomeMailer Q Match-ups
$2.99 Dole Pineapple -$2 ST Q
$.66 Campbell's Cream of Mushroom -$.50 ST Q
$.66 Del Monte canned veggie -$.75 ST Q
$1.49 Green Giant potatoes (5 lb.) -$1 ST Q
$1.25 Betty Crocker Potatoes -$.50 ST Q -$.40 Manu Q
$.99 dozen eggs -$.50 ST Q
$2.49 Oscar Meyer Bacon -$1 ST Q
$2.50 Quaker True Delights Granola Bars -$1 ST Q -$1 printable manu Q

Printable Matchups
$1.29 4 oz. Cheetos -$1 Q
$.99 Ciabatta rolls -$1 Q
$1.49 Green Giant potatoes -$1 Q

My goal is to spend less than $15 OOP for all the items listed, and see how high of a savings we get. I've printed out 5-12 of each of the printables - to use as filler items to get to the $50 threshold. I'll post how well we did Friday, see if we can meet my projections. Wish me luck!
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  1. Precious Says:

    Oh, I just love a challenge! I can't wait to see how you do! :-)

  2. Pubbler Says:

    How do you get the Target home mailer?

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