Over the weekend, DH & I tried to keep the spending low, though we desperately needed to get out of the house for a little while. I am sure we could have done better, but here's how the pennies fall:

Friday - I brought lunch from home, ate at the office, and didn't make any shopping trips. DH went to Menards for a grill brush and a a part for the toilet (very romantic) and spent $8.27. Not too bad.

Saturday - We didn't want to be in the house while the landlady was showing it (seems rather awkward) so we went to McD's for breakfast $8.84. Then we dropped off a bag of donations to the food pantry. To round out the day, we stopped by Half Price Books to sell some old books/VHS/magazines and made $8.50. Nearly broke even! But I took the $$ we got from HPB and tossed it into the savings jar. On the way home, we used a free redbox code and grabbed a movie. Total OOP = $8.84. We also kept the lights off until 7 p.m., but did have the fans running. It was really muggy. Yech!

Sunday - DH went to a movie with a friend, used his MovieTime card and scored a free ticket (which we hadn't counted on) and brought some movie snacks from home that he received in his Easter basket. Afterwards, he stopped to visit his family and grabbed a strawberry milkshake on the way home. OOP = $3.65.
For me, I went grocery shopping with a friend, and spent $58.28, and got lots of stuff for both households, since DM is moving into her own little place soon. Very soon. Kept the lights off, but the fans ran much of the day. I'm trying to keep from turning on the A/C until we move to the new townhouse! For my treat, DH made me a strawberry, coconut, banana smoothie which used some of the overripe bananas on the counter. Yummy!!

Then yesterday (Monday) - I stopped by Ultra Foods, grabbed 3/$5 Xtra Laundry detergent, got a raincheck on the 10/$3 yogurt, and grabbed 4 lbs. margarine @ $.79/lb., 3 lbs. turkey bologna @ $1.00/lb. and a box of Cocoa Puffs for $1.67 -$.75 Q. I was thrilled to receive a reusable bag credit of $.05 for each reuseable bag I had! Whoo-hoo - $.10 back in my pocket!! After all that, I spent $12.53.
On the way home, I had to get gas, so another $14.75 was spent.

Total OOP for Friday-Monday = $98.05 - it's a bit higher than I'd normally like to see, but we've still been doing great at keeping our spending down.
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  1. Wow, I want to get gas for $14.75. In my big ole' van when I got gas this weekend it was $50 (cringing). I guess that's what I get for having a full size conversion van.... But it is comfy for my long drives.

  2. coupongeek Says:

    This is great! Good Job! And I love the new look of your site! :)


  3. coupongeek Says:

    I decided to join you! I blogged about it here:

    It should be fun to see what we both come up with for free/inexpensive fun. Living so close to Chicago can open up some good opportunities but it can also be hard to resist other events! :)

    Thanks for the inspiration, Annie!


  4. Precious Says:

    Hi Annie,

    I have been away from the computer for a few days so just catching up. You are doing so well with keeping that money in your pocket. Can you hear me clapping?

    Also, while I was away, it looks like you changed your blog. That cake is making me so hungry! I am off to make some strawberry shortcake.

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