Have you ever heard that saying, “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar?” I know it’s not usually my motto, but I’ve been trying to get my paws on some higher value, brand specific coupons lately so I have been writing food manufacturers and telling them how much I appreciate their products. I’m pretty amazed with the results. And you don’t have to wait long to find out how this system works, either!

So far I’ve contacted 6 different companies, with a pretty broad variance on the response. Some simply thank you for your time and feedback, one did not respond at all. But my favorites are the ones that have sent me coupons for the products I had commented on. Not that I’m doing this entirely for the coupons though that is a great bonus, I’m taking the initiative to reach out to the companies I like purchasing from and telling them why. I’m being a proactive consumer…..who’s getting a lot of higher value coupons this way.

From Dutch Farms (dairy products), I received a thank you for your feedback response, the same for Francesco Rinaldi (I adore their pasta sauce). But as much as I love Rinaldi’s Super Mushroom or Hearty Tomato Basil, Classico responded within 24 hours, and sent coupons. Classico now has a strong foothold in my pantry and Rinaldi is going to be hardpressed to beat them out! Besides, Classico has that yummy Vodka Sauce. Now, Bar-S – they are top dog….hotdog that is. They sent a $5 voucher/gift certificate good towards any product(s) plus 4 coupons. They definitely take the cake, or in their case, the sausage! This is great with grilling season just around the corner. I can almost smell the smoked sausage cooking – yum!

With much longer expiration dates and typically higher values than we normally see in the paper or online, I consider what I’m doing target marketing. I target the higher cost, brand specific items on my shopping list, and try to get some great coupons to match. Being an informed, proactive consumer has definitely helped my budget. Now, to let a few more companies know how much I love their stuff!

If you’ve tried this, please give a shout out and let me know which companies respond! I’d love to know who out there really appreciates their loyal customers!!
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  1. Amanda Says:

    That's so awesome! I am going to recommend this to my coupon class folks. Vocalpoint also sends good coupons through the mail, and I've gotten some great freebies (magazines, no coupons yet) through She Speaks.

  2. Thanks, Amanda. I'll take a look at those!

  3. Precious Says:

    I have had lots of luck with Schick, 9 Lives, Drano, etc. sending Free coupons. I just love e-mailing these companies and seeing what they are sending.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Aquaphor - they sent a Q for one free (up to $16?) plus 5 more $1-2 Q's.

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