I popped into Jewel last night, to roll my cats, after they had "fixed" the lopphole for the cheese and planters $0 OOP (plus tax) and changed gears - going after some crackers now. After all that cheese, crackers are the next natural thing. I wasn't too surprised that the BOGOF Q's from last Sunday's insert (Wheat Thin Artisan Crackers) were long gone. But, what I did notice were peelies for $1/2 on the crackers - and I do love some good peelies.
Here's how it broke down, I ran 2 transactions:

Transaction #1
3 boxes Chicken-in-a-Bisket crackers $4.15 sale price
3 Boxes Cheez-Its Reduced Fat crackers $2.48 sale price/10/$10 (preferred card)
4 boxes Wheat Thins crackers, assorted varieties $4.15 sale price
-$1/2 peelies (5)
-$10 cat
-$3 cat
+$.30 was tax
$6.30 for 10 boxes of crackers
Savings of $30.74
And got another $10 cat.

Transaction #2
6 boxes Nabisco Graham Crackers, assorted $3.75 sale price
3 cups Kraft Easy Mac, assorted flavors $1.08 sale price
-$1/2 peelies (3)
-$10 cat
+ $.19 tax
$2.19 for 6 boxes of crackers and 3 cups Easy Mac
Savings of $23.55
And got another $10 cat.
I think of the cats as the bank, and I periodically go and "refresh" my money!
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  1. Amanda Says:

    Those are great transactions! I'm going to run the deal a few more times (DH is in need of some double stuff oreos) and then use my final $10 cat to get me started on the Kelloggs/milk deal. Good times!

  2. Man I wish I had your stores! Super job hounding!

  3. Thanks for the ideas, Amanda - I may have to break down and get DH some Oreos.

    Central - I wish you lived close enoguh to go out hounding with!

  4. Shelly Says:

    You have won an award. Please visit my blog to pick it up!

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