After much anticipation, DM & I attended the Super-Couponing2 Class that I had signed us up for at the local library. Though I know the ways of the coupon (much like a samurai knows the ways of the sword), I was hoping there were many new things to be learned. I was sorely disappointed.

With all the local hype about this couponing queen, I expected more than a frenzied, condescending, arrogant woman here to tell me that I'll never be able to understand (or replicate) the deals she's able to get, but she'll do me the favor of trying to educate me. Needless to say, I was so far less than impressed, I had to struggle not to laugh (I contented myself with the occasional derisive snort).

She told us about catalinas (duh), store vs. manufacturer coupons (hello), and how to combine them for the best deal (wait, I've been doing that for years - thanks to my hounds at the Grocery Challenge message board). She peppered her lecture with many assurance that we weren't expect "to get it". I so badly wanted to jump up and shout you're right, you're absolutely right - I am mentally deficient.

For an "advanced" couponing class, shouldn't she have a bit more to offer? She should at least know someone that knows someone, that knows someone (etc.) with Catalina Promotions and can give us a better heads up on what deals are coming down the pike. Or couldn't she have possessed super coupon finding abilities? (Outside the resources I'm already aware of.)

I didn't fully appreciate all the help, especially from the message board and all my hounds over there, Hot Coupon World, and the blogs from fellow hounds. All her concepts and ideas were already well-known to me. I know how to stack, multistack, roll cats, I've been getting free items at a record pace this year - and I have no intention of stopping or even slowing down.
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  1. That is very disappointing. I am always looking for someone who knows more and can teach me more about saving money.

  2. Well, at least she made you look and feel smart, even if only you and your ma knew it!

  3. Amanda Says:

    Oh no! Who was this woman? Now I am super worried about teaching my class (provided enough people sign up for it) at Waubonsee. I need to pick your brain to make sure I am teaching the right topics!

  4. Amanda - It was Jill Cataldo, she's making a name for herself as a couponing guru around here.
    Central - I love how you think!
    Cheapbychoice & LittlePeople - thanks.

  5. Precious Says:

    I think maybe you should take over this class and earn the money yourself! :-)

  6. Shelly Says:

    Annie--- I'm sorry that it wasn't better. That's how I feel about all these coupon "experts" they show on TV. They haven't told me a thing that I didn't already learn from the grocery challenge.....and these people charge for the class! It makes me think that I owe SuziQ and some of the other ladies some money---think they'll mind if I pay them in Qs? LOL

  7. Precious - I love that idea!
    Shelly - What better payment is there than coupons? I can't think of one!!

  8. coupongeek Says:


    I was wondering how these classes were. Was debating taking one to see if I could pick up more. Thanks for the info! My husband always says "Hey, the coupon lady was on the Loop again today" and he'll tell me all the deals. I think he's surprised when I always tell him I knew about them and picked them up days ago. :) Makes me feel like maybe I am really getting the hang of running these deals and finding them to share with others.

    My poor library wanted to do a class for their patrons but said they couldn't afford the teachers and they've never charged for any activities before. (Isn't that great?) I felt so bad for them that I told them when my daughter was a little older, I'd do it for free. They've done so much for our family and I'd like to give back. I keep thinking, how cool would it be to get the refreshments, materials and giveaways and be able to tell the people attending...all of this was FREE! :)

    Don't get me wrong...not knocking anyone that charges, as everyone has to make a living. I just think it would a fun thing for me to challenge myself to see how much I give out for nothing! :)


  9. I wouldn't have attended the class if I had to pay for it, but it would've been nice if she showed more of an approach to helping people learn how rather than simply telling everyone what works for her.

    I lvoe that she's posting the Kraft cheese deal, that I discovered a week ago. It's amazing to finally feel like I have the hang of things.

    What would've impressed me was if she took the time to completely explain each deal - not asking the audience if they could tell the difference between a store and manufacturer's coupon. Yes, she really did that. I kinda felt sorry for her, as I heard people around me laugh.
    These couponing classes are a great idea, I just think it takes someone with a better approach to people.

  10. Jack Glen Says:

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