Who moved my popcorn?!@&^!?

Last night, DM & I went out to grab some more of the ridiculously cheap popcorn (free plus tax, of course). I was stunned when the first Jewel we stopped at had one lone box (that looked like it had been stepped on, repeatedly). Foolishly, we ask the teenagers working there, and receive the standard blank look and reply "Whatever we have is on the shelf." I bite my tongue to keep from replying that whatever they had is long gone by now, otherwise we wouldn't be enjoying this polite exchange of conversation.

Being seriously miffed at this point, we head to the next town over, since their Jewel is often under-shopped, we're hoping we can score one transaction apiece. However, the fates had far more pointless plans in mind for us. At this Jewel, there were 3 boxes left one the shelf (still not enough for a transaction - we need 8). This store has employees everywhere - none of them know when the popcorn will be back in stock, though one employee offers his opinion, "Well, why not get the other brand?"

Not having enough time to educate him in the ways of the dollar (or the coupon), I smile, thank him for his help, and walk away, knowing the only thing I want to do is soundly berate the person in charge of ordering the stock, who will not be at the store until the next day, at some unseemly hour, like 6 a.m.

Then, since Dominick's is across the street, and at this point, I need to either scream at someone, or get some sugar in my system, we decide on doughnuts, again Jewel has 2-3 left in the case - one with a large dent in the center. Yum. Off to Dominick's we go.

I still have 1 printable coupon for the Campbell's Select Harvest and 1 (not expired) coupon from the paper, so I figure I'll pick up 4 cans of soup, grab some doughnuts, see if the Vodka Sauce is really $2 a bottle (I've never seen it that cheap and I've always wanted to try it), and check the reduced meat bin. And you know - it still isn't my night!

The only flavor of soup left is Southwest Veggie - not the Tomato Basil I simply adore, so no soup. The Vodka sauce worked out, so I grabbed 3 of those (really hoping I'll like it). Reduced meat bin is still overpriced for my tastes, but.....what is that? The doughnut case is full! There are more than 3 sad, pathetic looking doughnuts and they even have the ones I like (nothing beats an apple fritter). Giggling with excitement, and after the night we've had, that is no small feat, we rush over, grab our dozen doughnuts, and skitter up to the checkout.

If only it were that simple. The doughnuts that were supposed to be on sale for $3.99 a dozen rung up at $7.08! Let the girl finish my order, turned to the manager (who was bagging my groceries) asked him if the doughnuts were supposed to be on sale. He rushes off to check their price, I meander up to customer service, noticing a sign that says if the item rings up the wrong price, it's free. He comes back, refunds the $7.08, which after tax becomes $7.20. Finally, a long night of shopping is done.

But, the good news: I got free doughnuts. I guess I can live with that.
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  1. Precious Says:

    I am glad that I am not the only one who has days like this! Your story put a smile on my face!

  2. Amanda Says:

    Yikes! Aren't bad hounding days the worst? Free donuts are a good consolation prize, though. Better luck next time!

    Side note: I got the Campbell's Select Harvest at Dominick's on Saturday morning. They were 1/2 out, and when I went back on Sunday evening, everything was gone. :( Did you at least get the free pop?

  3. No, I was so frustrated with the shopping trip I forgot about the free pop on that transaction. I did end up with 3 free 2L. over the course of the sale, so I can't be too upset.

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