It's been some time since I had enough poor customer service that I could sit down and do some good, old-fashioned complaining, but after last night's shopping excursion - I have plenty of fuel for the fire. I started off with Walgreens, and the cashier and assistant manager that refused to ring up my order, I had the in-store coupon and a manufacturer's coupon for the Garnier shampoo/conditioner. Thinking this was a great deal, on sale for $2.99, $2 off Easy Saver coupon (store coupon) and a $1 off any (manufacturers coupon). It comes out to free. Yep, that's a good price.

The cashier saw my coupons and refused to even scan them. I was told bluntly, "It no work." So I calmly asked why it couldn't work and was told that she couldn't take $1 off because the item was $.99. I asked if there was any way to key it down and was told no, it was against corporate policy. I decided to go for broke at this point and ask what the policy states. For this, I received an angry stare and the cashier called the manager. The assistant manager joins us at the register and tells the cashier she was right, not to ring up the coupons.

I say excuse me, since the cashier and manager are talking about people "trying to get away with this" all day - as if I'm not even standing there! I asked point-blank, "Are you going to complete my order?" Again, was told I had to add another item to my order.

At this point, being fed-up and frustrated. I meandered around the store for another moment, and then left the shampoo sitting at the register that refused to ring my couposn and left, disgusted. I guess this is why WAGs stands for Wild Ass Guess. I never would have guessed they would turn down a sale for a $.01, but - it will cost them more time with the complaint I have filed.

And I haven't even gotten into Jewel, being told that there is a limit on how many catalina coupons you can receive, how many you can use per order, and why they don't scan properly.....but that's a complaint I have yet to file.
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  1. Amanda Says:

    What an awful experience! But good for you for complaining to corporate. When things like this happen to me, I always plan to write, but then never get around to it. And don't give up. Wags are a dime a dozen and that free Garnier can be yours!

  2. I have 2 more Wags in my sights - I love that there are so many of each store nearby. I am way too spoiled with that.

  3. coupongeek Says:

    This happened to me last night with that Irish Spring body wash. I bought one and it printed out another free one like advertised. I picked up another order and to my surprise, a third one printed. So I went back in to just pick up that, and I expected to pay the tax but they refused to let me buy just that. There was a really cheap piece of candy sitting there so I picked that up (annoying them.) The cashier was very rude but I just continued to be nice. I don't let them get to me any more.

    I was laughing when another one printed. I know they'll fix this soon. I just kept it for another diaper run later.


  4. I didn't know about the Irish Spring. I should get that rolling, too. It would make a nice donation item.

  5. Lindsay Says:

    I'm sorry this happened to you. I find Wags to be very hit or miss like this... One thing I've learned from complaining though - their 1800 number -customer service number is HORRIBLE. I actually called to complain and the Walgreens Corporate Customer Service gave the troublesome cashier my phone number and he left an apology on my voicemail. That may sound good to them, but I did not authorize them to let a cashier who chews me out to obtain my information, you know?

    Good luck!!! And if all else fails, find another Walgreens near you?

  6. I finally got my 2 free shampoo/conditioner - then I found 2 more coupons! RRRrr!!! Now, it's back to WAGS for some more free stuff.

    They're really enforcing the "limit 1" around here, so I'll see if I can stop at 2 WAGS on my way home today.

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