I hope the rest of the day can be as productive as my morning has been! I called Catalina Marketing this morning about some cats that didn't print for me, and in less than 5 minutes, the problem was diagnosed, the store contacted to fix their jammed printer, and I'll have my cat in the mail by Monday! Love it!!

I know most people wouldn't go through the trouble that I have, but I am tired of other people keeping my money (or coupons, which I simply view as another form of money). I've got another Jewel to leave a comment about - at least comment is going to be a good one - the last 2 comments I've left regarding stores: policies, pricing, coupons, service haven't been positive.

A bonus to running multiple transactions at any given store versus the "traditional" way of shopping: surveys. Fill out this survey and receive (lately) a FREE loaf of French bread. And I got 2 of them!!! Yep, looks like I'll be making some french bread pizza next week (hey, at least it goes with all that cheese!).

So, for this week - I've scored:
2 - FREE loaves of French bread
1 - $10 gift card for Jewel - for a $5 cat that didn't print
1 - $10 catalina - for a $10 cat that didn't print.
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  1. Amanda Says:

    OMG. Thanks again for the details about the cheese deal. I've done it a few more times, but I'm branching out. If you just get the 4 packs of 2% Milk Cheese ($16 before, $8 after) you just need $9 or higher of something else before that equals to $5 after. The 4 cheese and 4 Planters trail mix works perfectly for this. I'm going to do a few other combinations tonight. I'll pay a little out of pocket, but you just can't really go wrong with this. Have you branched out yet?

  2. I never thought of the Planters Trail Mix, but that could come in super handy. I can do a few of those transactions... Thanks for the heads up - I've just been gathering cheese. Let me know what other combinations you try!

  3. Carrie Says:

    Aw, Jewel. My love, my nemesis. I had great luck there this week -- when my Cat didn't print, the manager just told a checker to open up a new checkstand and rering it. No return, which would have brought up the problem of me having paid with Cats and coupons, and no argument about whether I'd actually paid enough money to get the Cats! Just beep, beep, beep, here's $13 in coupons. Hurray!

  4. Precious Says:

    I am glad you took the time. It usally always pays off. I find the Catalina people to be very attentive and helpful.

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