Target is where it's at today! I've printed out 6 more Mott's coupons from (I love their Target coupon generator), you get to select how many of each your print! Pair this with the $.55 off coupon at Mott's website for some $.12 snackpack (6 ct.) of Mott's Applesauce. Great for kids and adults, a healthy snack on the go, and at $.02 per servings, pretty affordable too!

Don't hit that print button yet, keep reading!

Staying at Target's coupon generator, you can snag some Cheetos for $.29 a bag (small size, please) and grab some Sutton & Dodge beef stew meat - just use the $2 off coupon through the coupon generator from Target.

Here's how it worked for me yesterday:

1 Mott's applesauce 6 pack - $1.67
1 grab bag of Cheetos - $1.29
1 Sutton & Dodge beef stew meat $2.48
-$.55 Mott's manufacturer Q
-$1 Mott's Target coupon
-$1 Cheetos Target coupon
-$2 Sutton & Dodge beef Target coupon
OOP: $.94 - and $.05 of that was tax!
I saved $4.55.

The only down side is that Target coupons specifically are limited to one each per transaction. So, bring a friend!

And from 4 Hats & Frugal - Target just keeps getting better! Combine it with her deal on Quaker oatmeal & granola bars. Yum! And don't forget your Quaker Printable Q's!
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  1. Amanda Says:

    Awesome hounding! I just hate that 1 Target coupon/transaction rule. At least I get exercise doing all those transactions, right? :o

  2. I try to line up a route with multiple Targets (like tonight) so I can get my transactions done. Good thing there's a Target in every direction!

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